Leopard Study

Leopard Studt

This was made using layers upon layers of both watered down and thick watercolour paints and the brush and handle of various paintbrushes.


7 thoughts on “Leopard Study

      • Actually, yeah. I have trouble with making my fur look realistic, They end up looking like spikes instead of soft waves, especially on animals. The I noticed that slight impression of fur on those spots above. Do you think that watercolors or pencil is good for fur? and How did you use the brush to make it look like that?

      • It all depends on the effect youre trying to make I think. Pencil fur is easy if you use a good B pencil, I usually use a 5B or a 6B, and smudge it in. Once I’ve made a base which is well smudged so it covers the fur area, I use a 2H pencil (you can use any in the H range) and lightly draw lines over the top, kind of like hair strands. For this to work though, youve got to angle the lines right and you’ve also got to include a hell of a lot of lines.

        With watercolours, I tend to consider fur more as depth. Again, all I did was a base colour splodgeusing a thick, relatively big brush and waiting for it to dry. Once its dry and wont mix with the other colours, I layer it over using dark colours using a more thin and wispy brush so the splodge is more broken up and liney. You could use a light base and layer it darker like I do or you could start dark and make it lighter, it all depends on what you’re painting.
        Alternatively, you could draw the strands of hair in with a hard pencil first and paint over, this’ll give quite a nice effect.

        If theres anymore questions let me know or feel free to email me; em.wake@outlook.com.
        I also have no clue if that made any sense…. 😀

      • It made sense, but now I’m intimidated by your knowledge because for nice strokes I like to use a nice and fancy #2 pencil ha! Respect though! I’m going to coax my parents to get me some of those B pencils. Thanks for the reference because I cannot keep watercolors under control. Is there another great tip for that, too? (I would email you, but then Outlook just asked me to do all this work with Internet providers and I’m lazy and ugh, you know?)

      • Im glad it made sense haha. I got a set ranging from 6H to 6B froma shop called The Works for about £3 and they’re very useful. I wouldnt say theres an easy way to be fair because theyre super hard to control… erm, I tend to use as little water as possible or if I need a lot of water, I go a small drop on the page and let the paint spread. Once its spread I tend to use the handle of the brush to shape it. I think it is all practice, I’ve been using watercolours for about a year now and I think its just a case of experimenting. You could get some scrap paper and try different brush sizes, or just the side of the brush instead of the brush itself. Its easy to use fingers when trying to mix colours too, I found that out the other day.
        Haha yeah Im lazy as well, no worries! 🙂

      • That’s actually a really good tip, to use the handle of the brush. And you said pounds. As in UK. As in I would have to pay loads for shipping ‘cuz I’m on the other side of the globe. Hopefully, I can find the pencils here, it shouldn’t be a problem. But anyway, thanks again for the tips, that was really helpful! ❤

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