Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister

The drawing took me 10 hours to complete, not including the hour it took to block out his basic features.
I started by using a 2H pencil and drawing in the perspective lines, marking his facial features such as his eye, hair lines and lip positioning. Once I’d marked the more dominant features in relation to one another, I began the basic, light shading of the more recessive features, for example, the detail of the fur and the deepened lines of his face. Once I’d finished that, I began moving onto the complete shading on his hair, clothes and eyes. That took a good few hours in itself and by the time that was finished, I think I went though an entire pack of pencils, an eraser and I’d also worn out one of my best sharpeners. Only then did I realise that he looked too young and clean, and as those of you who watch Game Of Thrones know, it is very rare that Tyrion actually looks cleanly shaven. So, I added stubble using the hard range of my pencils and darkened the lines on his face, making him look more beaten down and tired.
This drawing showed me the meaning of true frustration as so many little things went wrong, though in the end, I can proudly say that this is one of the best character portraits I think I’ve ever done.


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